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Second social impact bond for New Zealand hits the streets in South Auckland

9 October 2017

Around 1000 at risk young people from South Auckland stand to benefit from the second government social impact bond that was launched earlier in September.  This social bond will run for six years and is a partnership between the NZ government, youth development agency Genesis Youth Trust and a group of investors including the Wilberforce Foundation.

Following investment in the first social bond early in 2017, Ian Kuperus, Wilberforce Foundation Co-Founder is enthusiastic about the difference this second bond can make. “We all know that young people today are the future of New Zealand tomorrow, but the reality for many is that life today is pretty challenging. We’re excited about the work Genesis is doing with young people and helping to turn many difficult situations around”.

The programme that Genesis will deliver is unique and combines a risk/needs assessment tool with a comprehensive mentoring and development programme that is delivered by trained youth workers. The YLS-CMI tool ( is an evidence-based system that helps practitioners to design interventions and measure outcomes for at risk youth.

Genesis combines youth work, social work, mentoring, counselling, family therapy, and whänau programmes to promote positive lifestyle changes to at risk youth and their families. The organisation has a close working relationship with NZ Police and a number of their staff are sworn police officers. While they have been providing services to many young people in the region for over 15 years, the social bond programme will grow their impact significantly. The service delivered under the social bond programme will be longer and more comprehensive, allowing the team to support change over the long term.

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