The Wilberforce Foundation includes a committee of people who work together to prayerfully consider funding decisions, build relationships with grant recipients and ensure sound stewardship of resources.

During the journey as funders, the Foundation has observed the increasing need for both financial and non-financial support of charities. Wilberforce now delivers a range of initiatives that cover collaboration opportunities, networking and upskilling and organisational capability development through the use of technical and consultant specialists.

Learning and refining this approach to philanthropy is a constant focus. We are always interested in connecting and engaging with other organisations in the philanthropy and social services sector to learn and share good practice.

Funding rounds

The Foundations grant-making activities include a funding round that takes place in the middle of the year. The funding activity works with a group of charities, including nationally operating charities and smaller charities that are looking to grow and develop. Grants are only made to organisations based in New Zealand.

Other one-off activities and special projects are considered on an ad hoc basis at various times during the year.

Application and selection process

Applications for funding are by invitation only and are not open to the general public. If you would like to contact us and discuss your organisation, please contact us.

Where possible, the Foundation seeks to commit to multiyear funding to provide consistency of revenue for charities. Funding allocations are generally for a contribution to overall revenue and typically up to a maximum of 5 – 10% of total income. The funding decision model reviews these key themes:

Charities are invited to submit a short self-assessment and application that provides the Wilberforce Foundation committee with key information on the organisations governance, personnel, growth opportunities, fundraising, marketing and communications and financial position.