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The Wilberforce Foundation Leadership Scholarship is now open for applications

2 October 2023

The aim of the scholarship is to support and develop Christian leaders in order to strengthen New Zealand’s leadership base in future decades.

We are committed to equipping Christian leaders to lead confidently, faithfully and graciously in uncertain times.

The Wilberforce scholarship committee grants scholarships to students who show leadership potential in the Christian sphere. We have two application rounds, in April and October, and rely on a group of nominators who can help us to identify candidates who show leadership potential. The October round is now open and closes on Monday 16 October.

 There are two categories of scholarships:

  1. Emerging Leaders for undergraduate study
  2. Emerged Leaders for postgraduate study.

We have a preference for supporting students in their second or third year of study and in particular women from Maori, Pasifika and other minority cultures.

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Applications can be made by clicking on this link:

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Nga Here – The Many Connections

13 October 2023

Over the years I’ve noticed that there are a lot of us who can see that our planet is a bit broken and that how we live as a people in Aotearoa is a bit broken too - and we’ve got some pretty big questions.

Questions about what the Bible might have to say about the way we live and care for creation. Questions about how we can deeply connect with the world around us and each other. Questions about why the church seems so useless when it comes to caring for God’s creation. And questions about how Māori and Pākehā can learn from each other, and grow together.

So if you’re keen - I’d love to invite you to come along on this crazy, beautiful, 6 part journey with me, Waiora Te Moni, and Dr Andrew Shepherd - as we head to a remote off-the-grid hut on the Banks Peninsula, hidden in native bush, surrounded by birds - to explore the Ngā Here - The Many Connections that exist between creation, the Bible and living in Aotearoa.

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